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FAIRness Assessment for PRO

The guiding principles of FAIR data aim to facilitate the discovery, integration and analysis of relevant datasets by humans and machines by making them Findable (F), Accessible (A), Interoperable (I) and Reusable (R) (Wilkinson, M. D. et al). As a community resource, we strive to produce FAIR resources, disseminate regular updates of our data, support multiple methods for accessing, querying and downloading the data in various formats and provide documentation both for scientists and programmers. The formal FAIRness assessment results for PRO are presented below.

Metric Requirement Resource Resource data/content
F1A IRI for a registered identifier scheme for your resource's IRI PURL schema PURL schema
F1B IRI to a document describing the persistency policy for the identifier of this data
F2 IRI for machine-readable metadata for the resource
IRI to file format for this metadata
F3 Is the resource identifier specified in the metadata? Yes Yes
F4 URL to a search engine indexing your resource
Search query/terms "Protein Ontology" -> First hit "PR_000025934" -> First hit
A1.1 URL to the description of the protocol HTTP HTTP
Is the protocol open? Yes Yes
Is the protocol (royalty) free? Yes Yes
A1.2 Is authorization required to access the content of your resource? No No
A2 URL to metadata longevity plan Provided at the dataset level
I1 URL to a specification language RDFS and OWL ontology RDFS and OWL ontology
I2 Maximum 3 IRIs for vacabularies used within the (meta)data dcterms:title "PRO Linked Open Data"@en dcat:keyword "Protein Ontology"^^xsd:string, "Linked Open Data"^^xsd:string void:linkPredicate skos:closeMatch
I3 URL to a LinkSet ( for the resource Provided at the dataset level
R1.1 URL to license/terms of use for the resource
R1.2 Maximum 3 IRIs used to describe the provenance of the resource dcterms:accrualPeriodicity freq:quarterly dcterms:publisher [ foaf:page ] pav:hasCurrentVersion :prolod60_0
Maximum 3 IRIs used to describe domain information oboInOwl:hasSynonymType pr:PRO-short-label obo:PR_Q7TMZ5 oboInOwl:hasSynonymType pr:PRO-short-label
R1.3 IRI that represents certification from a recognized authoriry Provided at the dataset level